About Us


This is the start of the business.Having your equipment and having the know how and to be creative.

Sheltons is the name of the Business.  The Business is about sewing,photography, and pillow making from scratch. We will show you more of our work.

Custom T-shirts

This is a iron press machine.This machine is able to do t-shirt prints and other things,

Stay tuned because i will have my T-shirt business in full swing soon. But i will tell you what it is going to be about. The idea is printing designs and pictures and  do transfers to shirts.

KC DJ Unique

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Welcome to my website. To those who know me on Soundcloud. Feel free if you want and download some sounds.I will not be playing all my music on Souncloud anymore.I will have special mixes on here.

DR-Boss DR-202 Drum machine Demo

In the my studio every day almost. working on music for years. you know it takes years sometimes to learn a bunch of instruments. I have over 20 instruments and still learning. I guess this is the life I chose.

Free Downloads of my Electronic shows

I made all the songs myself in my home studio. I am letting these out to the public for free If you like it cool if not for you. All these songs I have on soundcloud, but this is the remix version nobody has on Soundcloud. I figure I put it on my website  not theirs.

Live Mix (MP3)


Live mix 2 (MP3)


Roland 303 Mix (MP3)


Percussion Mix (MP3)


Pure Electronic Percussion Mix (MP3)


Late night Live mix everything is improvised (MP3)


Beats and Percussion Mix (MP3)


Drums and a Bassline (MP3)


Electronic rock beat mix improvise session (MP3)


Flashbacks remix (MP3)


Rock beats mixed with Drum and Bass (MP3)


Drum and Bass remix (MP3)


DRum and Bass Party (MP3)


Drum and Bass Mix (MP3)


DRum and Bass BOnus beats Long version (MP3)


Roland 303 Groovebox in Midi sessions

This video is how we use to make Electronic music before we had Daw or Computer software. You would use hardware instruments with other keyboards and live instruments to make the music. This is just a sound demo of a  Trance track that is mixed up in midi.

Featured Products

Drums and Bass Mix

House music Mixed with Techno

HEDHA Techno Mixes

Artist from Soundcloud

This Dj has some great DJ sets on Soundcloud. Now if you like techno you at the right spot.Check her out she is real smooth.

I am the Don Rose

The music is good and the Lyrics is rough but smooth.Check her out.

David Shelton