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Welcome to all that have came by and checked out my Web page  I truly appreciate it.


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Music made with Pianos and Synthesizers

These videos isd all about playing piano.Learning piano.And learning synthesizers.It,s all about education of music.

Roland 303 groovebox and BOSS DR-202

Trying my best to keep it old school underground techno. Straight from the midwest. Truly appreciate Old school New york and Detroit and chicago for hipping me to Acid.No computer music straight midi.

It,s All about Making Music with AKAI

I been using AKAI products since the MPC1000 first came out.and now they got all this brand new good equipment.check out the videos and you will see what I am talking about.

Drum Machines mixed with House and the Art of DJ music

Living with Liver failure

This is not a random person.It is somebody who is close to me. The liver failure is a serious condition. And if you do your research you can get it in many ways. Being able to go to the Doctor really helps.   https://www.facebook.com/kcdjunique/ 

Music And Electronic Life


Hip-Hop was my start along with funk growing up all we had was funk,Jazz,disco. So that,s how it stared 1979 I started officially hip-hoping when I started buying All sugarhill records. At that time I had just came back from New York in 1977. I was a kid enjoying this new talking over music,which had funk and disco. 

Journey into the future of music

Grooves All Around the World

Welcome to grooves from around the world

Ready to get funked. Well welcome to some funky musicians I came across on soundcloud.I felt I should make a playlist and keep the Funk Rocking.

Journey into Music

 these videos are on Drum Machines and synnthesizers.This is how we made music before everything went to software and DAW. Call it old school, but I had to learn each instrument, it took me years to learn each one.And I am still learning to this day.

DEtroit Techno

Welcome to Detroit and Chicago MIxing.

The Lost Tracks

House music Mixed with Techno

  • I have been mixing music for years. So here is some music made from scratch off the Roland 303 Groovebox and other synthesizers in midi

Erotic City

These videos are all about some movies and videos about Adult topics.I have some vintage Movies in this playlist and some education on certain topics. 

Working with cutoff frequencys

Just showing you guys how I use my 303 groovebox for synthesizer effects. This is a good drum machine to improvise on.

Time to be Mellow

This is some beautiful music I found on soundcloud.I can appreciate good music.I have always loved the piano, so if you like nice piano sounds and music.This is a real beautiful playlist.

Defective Droid

Defective Droid is about Techno,House,Hip-hop beats that is making my own music and not trying to sound like everybody else. I consider myself defective because I do not let people brainwash me anymore.I have found out that a lot of people don,t even no when they are brainwashed.

Time to get Mello

This is for the people who appreciate real music.What I am saying it,s for people who like to listen to pianos.and dont mind on relaxing and taking in some of the beautiful sounds.

kcdjunique on soundcloud

I put a lot of My Music up on Sound Cloud.Some of the music that I make is tech no and some is mixed up with a Touch of Latin America.And of course I put a little soul  in it also. musical instruments music player