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Welcome to all that have came by and checked out my Web page  I truly appreciate it.

Grooves All Around the World

Welcome to grooves from around the world

Ready to get funked. Well welcome to some funky musicians I came across on soundcloud.I felt I should make a playlist and keep the Funk Rocking.

Smooth and Mellow grooves from the 303

Yamaha Keyboard board in Reverb

This is a practice  session for me, this is where I get new ideas.Change the music  around improvise with what you got.I do not have a lot of new stuff, but I know how to work with what I got. 

My Blog

Educational Videos on Nikon Cameras

  • I like videos that give me extra information. So I figure I might as well share this with you guys.

About Us

Mixing Music


All  my life I have been doing something with Audio and video. For many years I was a Technician for a Major company .  Now I am older and have learned a lot throughout the years. So now I am online with my own website, totally different. And I just started a online  business as of today.  With this website you will get a chance to see the real deal. Not only am I talking about music , but the things that got me here. I guess this is just a life story. with Music photography and video.



Video recording


Making Music on a Monday

making music today.This is how I start some of my songs nothing wrote down, but just trying to find a groove.

Studio Time

I practice and make music almost everyday. I am not the best player, but I believe in playing music and learning everything about making music to recording.

Techno Funk

Showcase your audio

A touch of House and Beats

In the my studio every day almost. working on music for years. you know it takes years sometimes to learn a bunch of instruments. I have over 20 instruments and still learning. I guess this is the life I chose.

The Real Electronic Funk

  • I have been mixing music for years. So here is some music made from scratch off the Roland 303 Groovebox and other synthesizers in midi

kcdjunique on soundcloud

I put a lot of My Music up on Sound Cloud.Some of the music that I make is tech no and some is mixed up with a Touch of Latin America.And of course I put a little soul  in it also. musical instruments music player

Latin Grooves

Mi original language is english but i decidido a escribir este in spanish aunque no doy cuenta de él.Hopefully usted pasa de esta canción de la ruta I del. Paz y mucho respeto.

House Music Classics

 Nothing but House classics.This is where it all began.

Cyber Punk Defective Droid

Electronic funk in your ears. Welcome to some grooves from all around the world.