Music And Photography

Welcome to all that have came by and checked out my Web page  I truly appreciate it. My website is All About Music And Photography, these are my Favorite things To do.I have a friend that is also in the Profession of Photography https://www.facebook.com/curtishascreations/. I guess you can call us amateur but that,s cool.Mixing music and playing music has been the best thing in my Life, it has served me comfort even when I was Lonely, so dig in,I hope you guys enjoy.I have a little Erotic stuff, but hey we all Human.

My Pratice sessions

This video is Made with 2 Drum machines and some Bass Lines.It,s all about the beat and the Bass.May the Funk be with You.I got a lot of my music on here but I got some real hip-hop legends on these videos, plus I got some House DJs.


The Word Musicanship means   skill as a musician .And that is what I am talking about making music from scratch like with a real drum or a flute. This is what I am about making and playing music.Some of the music that I make is from a Roland 303 Groovebox,DR-BOSS DR-202,Alesis qs-6,Roland d-20.This is vintage equipment but it still plays. https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1441015301?ls=1&app=itunes

Just making Music with Old school Electronic Equipment

Just Making music with the BOSS DR-202 and 303 groovebox.Just showing how I use this equipment.


Electronic Music Production

I make music with Electronic instruments and regular instruments.I have been making music since I was 12 years old.I started out Playing trumpet in school then I advanced to mixing records then I moved on to Electronic Music.I  am always trying to make something better and funky.https://soundcloud.com/davidshelton-1


https://www.pinterest.com/disshelton364/.  I got some Pins and Topics on Pinterest.com. I think it is pretty cool.If you are on there hit me up , maybe we can network.

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Jazz from Back in the Day

 If you Like some good Jazz from the old school. Here it is, this is some of the music I grew up on.Hope you guys enjoy.Now there is all different types of Jazz.But this is my favorite style.

Practice time with my drums

just practicing on my drums. You have got to practice in order to learn how to play. so all this is just me doing my thing without any time signature. I have always admired afro-cuban music and music from africa and brazil. 

Music And Electronic Life

My Electronic Shows

For the Last couple of years I have been on Sound Cloud making music from scratch.and playing some house Music mixed with some techno.My Music is made with the Roland 303 groovebox mixed with the DR-BOSS dr-202.These drum machines are mixed with the Zoom Box and some other synthesizers. 


My Electronic Shows


Hip-Hop was my start along with funk growing up all we had was funk,Jazz,disco. So that,s how it stared 1979 I started officially hip-hoping when I started buying All sugarhill records. At that time I had just came back from New York in 1977. I was a kid enjoying this new talking over music,which had funk and disco. Hip-Hop fue mi inicio junto con el funk creciendo único que teníamos era el funk, el jazz, la música disco. En el caso de que se inició el año 1979, se inició oficialmente hip-hoping cuando se inició la compra All sugarhill records. En ese momento, me sentía a mi lado desde Nueva York en 1977. Me fue a un niño divertido esta nueva conversación sobre la música, que había funk y disco.

Journey into the future of music

Defective Droid

RoLand 303 Groovebox Live show

I made this with the Roland 303 Groovebox with the Alesis qs-6 synthesizer and Roland D-20.This a Live mix so there are no cuts.If I had a lot more time I would give it a complete edit.But this is my Night time job.I aint quit my main one.But here it is for you, those who Like this plus weir techno 

Grooves All Around the World

Welcome to grooves from around the world

Journey into Music

Funky Ass Drum Beats

Funk with Me

this is a collection of music from all around the world.check there music out pretty good to be not signed.But I will push them on my sites.

Erotic City

These videos are all about some movies and videos about Adult topics.I have some vintage Movies in this playlist and some education on certain topics. 


anything else to download is on SoundCloud.com

Cowbell mix Electronic percussion (mp3)




10 Track 10 (mp3)


10 Techno 11 and Alesis qs-6 plus Roland D-20 mix (mp3)



The good thing about these platforms you run into a lot of good musical people.

Cyber Funk Lets Funk On

Drum Machines

This is How it is Done

Electro Funk

Techno Funk

kcdjunique on soundcloud

I put a lot of My Music up on Sound Cloud.Some of the music that I make is tech no and some is mixed up with a Touch of Latin America.And of course I put a little soul  in it also.