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We make all the pillows at our home base business. The clothes are also made at our home. The sewing machine is used by ZEAL Baby Lock sewing machine.

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We can make this in all kinds of different patterns

Appreciation and Work

This video  is about our Business and the reason we started this in the first place. When you get sick and you need money for the Doctor things can get real serious. They need insurance and if you do not have any,  they can do nothing for you. So I Don,t like to beg I rather work for it. So that is why I am starting this Business.  

Making pillows with the Zeal Baby Lock

This is how we start the process of making pillows and clothes.  Welcome to all and have a nice day.

Altering Clothes for business

Just a short video about clothes. She just got done  alternating.

Trying Boba Tea & Macaroons

Taste  tasting the Boba Tea & Macaroons.


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Happy Thanksgiving

It was one Cold Day in Kansas city. Here we are downtown over looking the city. Sometimes you got to get out and think about some things.

Love and Much Blessings

Thank You

Liver failure