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 I got this article off A website, and It is a pretty good article.But you do have to know a little something about cable and signals.To truly no what you our doing and why you do it that way. So what I am going to do is start giving back what I have learned in the field. 

 This is a good article on twisted pair. I still use twisted pair on some of my computers.I still believe in having that connection. And I can run other devices on my twisted pair. I have worked with Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 6. Cat 3 is long time ago,the industry changes all the time. But I still no how to set it up. . This website link

 takes you to Flukes products for testing and measuring signals.

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Audio Cables RCA

Audio Cables


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I will make custom RCA cables for you. I am able to make them up to 50ft of cable down to 1 ft. In white or black.

Inside of the Cable room in A minnesota building

professional experience

My journey to becoming a Professional Cable and Audio man

  •  From the early mid 80,s I started out working with turntables,Cassete decks,8 track tapes,and Microphones. In my younger years I learned the basics of recording, then as I grew up , I got a chance to have a little bit more money. Then I moved on to working with Drum machines, Synthesizers and Mixers. When I first started off I was making mixed Tapes.  I had to buy a lot of albums and Tapes, then   make a mix  tape. Once upon a time I sold my tapes in a store.   Me and my stepbrother would DJ House partys. 

 Being that I had been mixing for a couple of years I decided to buy A Tascam 4 track recorder it was my first then I learned how to multitrack mix and bounce, plus put effects in my music. I went back  to college to learn Electronics,then once I got out of school I moved to Denver,Colorado and became a professional Cable installer and technician for the next 10 years I would be involved with cable and electronic hardware. This is how I learned how to hook everything up and to make it work. Basically it took all my Life of learning.But as I have learned, you can always learn something new everyday.

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I am starting up me a new page on Facebook called kcddjunique.Even though you see me posting up a lot of things dealing with music.My profession that I have been doing the most has been Cable installation. I am proficent in RG-6 installs all the way up to running RG-11. I have also ran cables and equipment in various schools and companys. I had to learn teach myself to install Cat 5 and 6. But now I know how the sequencee of the cable wires is suppose to be. My former companys where Time Warner Cable,AT&T Broadband in Colorado and Comcast. yes I was a field technician,and loved it.

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Demonstration of Klein Toners

I did a video about klein Toners. This toner has helped me out a 1000 times in the field. If you need to find cables. Look no further. I have tested this and I approve of it. Klein Toners