Pictures of cable linemen in kansas City

This video is about some lie man in Kansas City one day something caught on fire and they had to replace the cable feader.

Cable Technician

This video is about a hand recorder that is good for Music and Video audio recording.

Can you get cable without a Cable box?

Some people ask can you get cable without a cable box.Well I did a test to see.And when I was in the field we used DTA adapters because the cable company went 100% Digital.  addressable cable boxes



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Demonstration of Klein Toners

I did a video about klein Toners. It is great for installation. This toner has helped me out a 1000 times in the field. If you need to find cables. Look no further. I have tested this and I approve of it. Klein Toners. 

How cable signals or distributed

This video is about how cable signals or sent through taps and cable splitters. Just talking about electronic signals.

Discussion of the Antronix 3.5 splitter

This video is about cable math in a electronic cable system environment. I am just showing you how I go about doing cable math.How much signal is loss through a splitter with 3.5db loss. 

Ooma Phone service Trouble shooting

I bought the Ooma Voip phone modem. It was working fine until one day someone hit a pole outside and knocked the internet out which knocked out the Voip. So after that I have had problems. 

4 way CommScope splitter discusion of cable math

This video is all about cable math. This is an introduction into Broadband.


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