Working with Drum machines

This just about how to use these Drum machines to put in production. You can use this drum machine in a band if you like. it does have a foot switch also.

Just trying to make a funk groove

The Music I am making is from the BOSS DR-202 and some other instruments.

MC 303 Groovebox and Drum Machines

Eastside of KC

I put this playlist together based on all the music I heard this is How I started in Hip-hop and Techno. You will here some original House tracks on here too. My musical taste for music was New York,Chicago,and Detroit. And California.

Quarantine Mix

Just making music while we all go through these bad times. This whole groove is just how I improvise on my music.

Just showing off this Drum Machine. Sometimes when you are a musician you need a beat or something to keep time. But the good thing about this machines is that you can improvise . You can make  beats on it and  There is a bass part that you can play with. This is what this video is about.

DR-Boss DR-202 Drum machine Demo

In the my studio every day almost. working on music for years. you know it takes years sometimes to learn a bunch of instruments. I have over 20 instruments and still learning. I guess this is the life I chose.

Free Downloads of my Electronic shows

I made all the songs myself in my home studio. I am letting these out to the public for free If you like it cool if not for you. All these songs I have on soundcloud, but this is the remix version nobody has on Soundcloud. I figure I put it on my website  not theirs.

Drums and a Bassline (MP3)


Drum and Bass remix (MP3)


DRum and Bass Party (MP3)


You Guys Be safe